SeaLand / Dometic 310001- 5/8" Vent Filter With / New part # 311004

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Dometic/SeaLand's SaniGuard Holding Tank Vent Filter with 5/8" hose connection.  Designed for ease of installation on any existing holding tank system.  When installed in the system the Dometic / SeaLand SaniGuard Vent Filter will remove the offensive odors from escaping through the vent thru hull.

The finely calibrated media is 2.4 times more effective than other competitors filters.

The holding tank should be equipped with a tank level monitor to prevent overfilling which will ruin the filter.

For best results replace the cartridge every year with part # 310001 cartridge.

This item has been replaced by part # 311001 . it comes with all of the needed adapters to install in the same bracket.


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