Vent Filter with Bracket & Fittings - NEW NUMBER IS 311004

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SeaLand / Dometic SaniGuard Replacement Vent Filter Cartridge for 5/8" vent hose.

Part # 310001 has been replaced with part #  311004

This is the replacement for the old style Saniguard vent filter and comes with fittings for any size hose and a new bracket

This Holding Tank Vent Filter is used for replacement of the SeaLand / Dometic 310002 SaniGuard Vent Filter and  come with the mounting. bracket or hose fittings.

When installed properly the SeaLand / Dometic SaniGuard Vent Filter is 2.4 times more effective than other brands due to the finely calibrated filter media that removes the malodorous gas.

The filter should be replaced every season for best results.

To prevent holding tank over fill install a SeaLand Tank Level Monitor.


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