B434HD 69 GAL. WASTE & WATER TANK 26" X 26" X 26"

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Due to the many options involved with ordering this product, please download the order form and fax it back to us.

Wall Thickness for Heavy Duty tanks is a minimum of 5/16".

Length, Width and Height dimensions are indicated in inches to the nearest 1/8".

The Gallonage shown for each tank is nominal and not intended to be exact.

All tanks are natural white unless otherwise specified.

Fittings will be located per customer’s specifications with 1/4", 3/8",1/2",3/4",1", 1-1/2", 2"or 3" threaded inlets or outlets.  The materials will be non-toxic FDA accepted linear polyethylene.

Holding Tank Installation (41 gal and up)

The tank should be mounted on a clean flat surface (like plywood).  The tank needs to be secured on all sides and if possible boxed in with plywood or other similar materials.  If it cannot be boxed in then bracing or strapping can be used to ensure that the tank will not move forward/aft or sideways. ½" X ½" cleat stock can be used to secure the bottom of the tank to the plywood surface.  In extreme cases, expanding foam can be secure part of the tank (care should be taken to fully understand the manufactures instructions).

The tanks need to be protected from freezing and stored out of direct sunlight.  Hoses/tubing should be installed so that there are no stress bends.  The use of elbows is recommended to prevent collapsing or bending of the hoses/tubing when there is a change of direction.

When installing the plastic tank connections, they can usually be secured by hand tightening.  This will normally provide adequate sealing.  However, a slight tightening with a wrench will be fine.  Do not use excessive force, as damage to the seal may occur.  Teflon Tape Thread Sealant is also recommended but do not use pipe dopes, greases, glues, or other adhesives.

Metal fittings are not to be installed in the plastic tanks.  These materials are not compatible with plastic tanks.

Do not install metal fittings in the plastic tank as the materials are not compatible.


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