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Toilet Tissues & Chemicals

Toilet Tissues & Chemicals

Toilet tissues and cleaning chemicals are essential for any bathroom environment, but if you're using the same toilet tissue and cleaning supplies for your marine or RV toilet that you use for your toilet at home, you're making a serious mistake. For instance, regular toilet paper can clog your holding tank, but Sealand single-ply and 2-ply toilet tissues dissolve rapidly, ensuring that your holding tank does not become cluttered with paper. Sealand toilet tissues are also made from recycled materials, so you can go green while enjoying your boat trip or RV adventure.

Sealand also offers a specialized toilet bowl cleaner, which removes tough stains from marine toilets and portable toilets in only two minutes. This toilet bowl cleaner is designed to remove mineral deposits that collect between the flush ball and the seal without damaging any of the rubber components. You can also use the solution to clean counter tops and sinks.

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