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The Importance of Buying OEM Parts Instead of Aftermarket Parts

The Importance of Buying OEM Parts Instead of Aftermarket Parts

21st Nov 2023

Looking for a replacement part for the Dometic toilet on your boat? Found a less expensive one online that looks close enough to your original one?Before you click “Add to Cart”, consider a few things.

Guaranteed Quality with OEM Parts

Original equipment manufacturer (also known as OEM) parts are identical to the parts you’re replacing. They’re made with the same materials and constructed to the same specifications that your original part was. They’ll also come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a third-party and are not likely to be of the same quality construction that your Dometic parts are. You may save a few bucks here and there by buying the less expensive alternative, but in the long run, it could easily cost you more. Many aftermarket or fake parts don’t work after installation.Aftermarket manufacturers often don’t follow the same quality standards or tolerances that an original equipment manufacturer does.

Using Aftermarket Parts Will Void Your Warranty

Using a non-original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket part will void your Dometic product warranty.Yep, it’s there in the small print.You’ve made an investment in quality sanitation products; prolong your investment with quality replacement parts from the original manufacturer.

OEM Parts Offer Reliability

Less expensive parts are less expensive for a reason.They generally are not manufactured and tested to the specifications that the original manufacturer’s part was.You’re not assured that they will fit the same as your OEM parts, nor are they likely to last as long.Do you really want your toilet breaking on your next trip because you used a cheaper replacement part?

With Dometic, you know that you’re getting the highest quality marine and RV sanitation products. Make sure your parts are original Dometic replacement parts.

Ardemco is a master distributor for Dometic.If you have questions about parts, or need to replace something entirely, give us a call.We’re happy to help.