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Raritan SeaEra Household Bowl Sized Toilet - white

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43.00 LBS

Raritan SeaEra Household Bowl Sized Toilet - white - 12 Volt #162HF01201

Water source: Freshwater/solenoid

Control panel: multifunction flush panel

The SeaEra QC was developed to be a rugged replacement from the common builder grade models of macerating toilets. Raritan recognized the need for a macerator that fits well in the footprint of manual toilets.

The SeaEra QC is the latest improvement with a solenoid connection at the base for ease of installation. The QC also offers a remote intake pump for those preferring raw water over onboard freshwater. Because the intake and discharge pumps can be activated independently it is an excellent choice allowing the use of our Smart Toilet Control or momentary control. Both allow user to bring water in without discharging and allows discharging without adding water. Allowing conservation of water or holding tank capacity depending on which is most critical at the time! However, just like most other models it can also be installed with a simple push button.

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